Saturday, July 11, 2009

This work...?

I used to have one of these a long time ago. It was a good time while it lasted. Basically, I would find an interesting story - sometimes political, but most of them time it was just some weird and wacky story I found while out on the internets. I'd write a breif synopsis of the story (from my P.O.V.), and then let the whole world know what I thought of it. These days, those aggregators are everywhere - Reddit... Digg... Boing Boing... etc. (Great minds think alike.)

I found out that I rarely wrote about anything I liked - hmm...

This go around, I want to write about stuff that I've learned by just doing something. For instance, my daughter's third birthday was today and we had borrowed a bouncy house from a doctor friend of ours. Those things are super easy to put up and take down. The biggest thing to that I found of note is when deflating them - open the exhaust vents, and let it deflate on its own for about half an hour. This makes folding the bouncy house up soo much easier. (It took 4 times as long the night before when I had tried it on my own as a test run.)

So there ya go. The Bouncy Houses are very easy to setup, and pretty straight forward - unpackage it, lay it out flat, tie the blower to the correct exhaust vent, turn it on, tie the other exhaust vent closed, and turn it on.

So, if you're having a party for 2-5 year olds, and think this would be something they would enjoy, you should do it. The smiles on the kids are worth it.